Monday, January 30, 2012

A Finer Frozen Pizza

I have had a CRAZY weekend. My boyfriend's band, Son of a Bad Man, held their CD release parties on Friday & Saturday night (BOTH of them sold out!), and my duo project, Flagship Romance, had a show last night with Mason Jennings. Needless to say, I DON'T feel like cooking this evening... Especially since I'm about to throw on some makeup & head out to yet another concert this evening!

On a night like tonight, Whole Foods' 365 Brand frozen pizzas are the way to go. This pizza is SO surprisingly good, it's healthier than your normal frozen meal, and it's pretty cheap, at $4.99 on average. I like to 'spice' mine up a little bit before throwing it into the oven. Fresh basil leaves, sliced jalepeƱos, and dried pepper flakes are easy additives that make the pizza come alive! About 15 minutes in the oven & voila! Dinner is served.

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